The Road

The Road - Affectionate Duets Series

Choreography           Seok Hun Ryu

Performance             Dance Company THE BODY (South Korea)

This piece was produced with the passion of conservative Korea’s dance and spirit amidst our fast, busy modern life. Anew style is created through the combination of traditional dance movements alongside contemporary movements. This combination showcases the beauty of movement thorough through the body’s energy as well as the combination of east and west culture. The Road brings with it the importance of heart and dreams, questioning our modernity and inspiring us to recall our roots and traditions. The image of abstraction through beauty of movement will captivate and move audiences.

This hour long programming is a bite-sized dance presentation of a duet performance coupled with dialogue and reception. Specially tailored to audiences who wish to experience a short and intimate work, with artists sharing their personal life and experiences and holistic approach to dance performances.