The Last Breath


The Last Breath - A Double Bill

Choreography    Danny Tan
Performance      ODT Main Co. & ODT Music Ensemble

A double-bill production that assembles exceptional Singaporean dance, music and visual artistes to examine the innate meaning of ‘breath’, through Artistic Director Dr Danny Tan’s acclaimed works – ‘Flash’ & ‘Heaven’.

‘Flash' explores the most delicate moments of one’s life through a person’s last breath, while 'Heaven’ explores the infinity of time, presenting the most serene moments to sooth one’s mind and soul. Each work holds a unique and dignified expression of its movement, music and cultural tone. With the interplay of live music and spectacular visuals, together with Danny’s authentic contemporary dance aesthetic, the audience will enter a journey to appreciate and celebrate life moments through ODT’s unique Asian contemporary dance expression.

A truly exquisite ‘east meets west’ dance epic to be performed by ODT Main Company with ODT Music ensemble.




(Premiered in 2013 and travelled to festivals in Singapore, Italy, & Germany)

There, that impending force of light.
Eyes are closed.
Flash of hope,
Flash of blows,
And the descend of truth
Where vulnarability becomes bare,
Where motions are raw,
Within that split moment,
She’s gone.

ODT Main Company
Calvin Goh
Linnea Ong
Nicholas Leong 

ODT Music Ensemble
Matthew Mak (Piano)
Gabriel Lee (Violin)


“Heaven” – A world premiere




A reflection of the thoughts and feelings of people in their quest for endless time. Dancing to newly scored Asian music, with alternating movements of slowness, indulgence, engrossment and passion. Amidst this constant flux of change, hopes, dreams and inspirations are unleashed and portrayed.

Dr. Danny Tan

ODT Main Company
Linnea Ong
Nicholas Leong 

ODT Music Ensemble
Mervin Wong (Composer/Producer)
Gildon Choo WeiKang (Pipa)
Eunice Koh (Cello)
Rozie Hoong (Zhong Hu)
Shunta Goh (Er Hu)
Ng Jing Yun (Voice)