The Anatomy of Will

The Anatomy of Will - Performance Bodies Series

Performance Artist

Miloš Sofrenović (Austria)

The solo performance of Mr. Milos Sofrenovic is inspired by the artistic legacy of one of the greatest German orchestral conductors of the 20th century - Wilhelm Furtwängler. Such deliberate efforts of art performance can be identified as an example of cultural diplomacy. Artists who interact with different cultures through academical research in order to create performances, facilitate a form of intercultural exchange by conducting information, ideas and believes from national to international level. They also draw attention to the issues of universal concern through cultural expression.

P. I. T. C. H. Performance ● Interaction ● Transfiguration ● Cuisine ● Harmony, a new initiative that represents a specially curated series under ODT International. Through a series of inter-related events, experienced performers will share their authentic voices through their individual approaches to contemporary expression, crossing the boundaries between dance, theatre and performance art. By incorporating the dining experience during the performance, we hope to engage our audience in a multi-sensory way. P. I. T. C. H. aims to breach the gaps between audience and performers, bringing us a refreshing experience.