River Walk

River Walk - Performance Bodies Series

Performance Artist

River Lin (Taiwan)

Based on movement research, River Walk aims to create an image of body dynamics by travelling and making trials on materials. River Lin takes walking as a point of departure of daily movement, exploring an unusual way of walking to discover the relationship between trails and dynamics. ‘River’ is the continuously flowing picture of body during the process of walking as well as the the remaining of movement.

River Walk was firstly developed and shown in Month of performance Art-Berlin 2014 as its public try-out program. It’s revised to a choreography version in the exhibition ‘Artists at TAV’ of Taipei Artist Village.

 P. I. T. C. H. Performance ● Interaction ● Transfiguration ● Cuisine ● Harmony, a new initiative that represents a specially curated series under ODT International. Through a series of inter-related events, experienced performers will share their authentic voices through their individual approaches to contemporary expression, crossing the boundaries between dance, theatre and performance art. By incorporating the dining experience during the performance, we hope to engage our audience in a multi-sensory way. P. I. T. C. H. aims to breach the gaps between audience and performers, bringing us a refreshing experience.