I Am Sorry!

I am sorry - A new full length work

Choreography     Danny Tan

Performance       ODT Main Co. & ODT Music Ensemble

 A full length production that assembles some of the best dance talents in Asia to perform in the finale of DanzINC Festival 2016. ‘I am sorry’, an original and authentic work that aims at connecting the human souls through the act of reflecting and pondering on one’s action, leading to the state of ‘repentance’. This new full-length work directed by Dr Danny Tan symbolizes the dynamic and diversified energies and emotions of mankind, presenting the urge to draw the essence of humanity in recognising one’s action and consequences. The large magnitude of artistic vibrancy in Danny’s unique contemporary dance will draw distinct stories together in presenting a common voice of strength and vulnerability. With the multi-disciplinary approach in presenting interesting imagery and symbols inspired by elements of creative grandiosity, the authenticity of Danny’s artistic voice will prevail. A unique experience for the audience to witness another ground-breaking Singaporean contemporary dance work with performance by ODT Main Dance Company and international guest artistes, with live music accompanied by ODT Music ensemble.